01Our Mission

Moving Innovation

Our like-minded drive for the future of innovation brought The HELLA Group, an automotive technology leader in more than 35 countries, to Anthem Republic to create and launch the foundation and working channels of their newest division, HELLA Ventures. Their mission was to firmly establish a foothold in Silicon Valley, the hub of the technological world, as they attract, discover and invest in startups focused on the future of mobility.

02Our Approach

Developing a Clear View of the Future

As a strategic partner, we came alongside and offered new ideas that built synergies and fortified HELLA’s name in a new marketplace. This included building technology that captures and qualifies startup leads for investment consideration and launching a prominent annual event in Silicon Valley that has featured leadership speakers from Ford, Tesla and Mercedes.

03The Results

Silicon Valley

Industry Presence

We helped create awareness and position HELLA
Ventures to be a recognized as a leader in mobility
innovation not only throughout Silicon Valley but
around the world.



Within the first year, HELLA Ventures was able to analyze
hundreds of innovative, automotive-related startups and initiated
multiple investment commitments.