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01Our Mission
Sleep8 logo

A Brand Persona
that Delivers Trust

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea. And in order to sleep, many are prescribed a CPAP machine by their doctors. What they’re not given is a way to clean their CPAPs. Introducing Sleep8, a revolutionary device that uses ozone (O3) to clean CPAP machines. Our job was to create a friendly brand for a B2C audience, but also create something that would work well in the B2B space. Most importantly, we were tasked to educate users about how a clean CPAP would protect their health. Because, most had no idea their CPAPs could grow mold, cause sinus issues, or make them sick.

02Our Approach

A Strategy for Peace of Mind

Based on consumer pain points, we redesigned Sleep8’s prototype to be more modern and easier to use. These two ideas influenced how we introduced the brand to the masses. This included work that ranged from an e-commerce site to the in-store experience at big box stores. We did this by educating CPAP users about how their health is directly tied to having a clean CPAP. It’s improving people’s lives and giving them the peace of mind to sleep and breathe easier.

Sleep8 logo evolution 1 Sleep8 logo evolution 2 Sleep8 logo evolution 3
Bag and product
Device in use
Sleep8 shirt
Packing device in luggage
Putting device in bag
LED screen on device

From B2B to B2C:
Subscriptions and E-commerce

We created an e-commerce site to sell Sleep8 directly to customers. We also established a refill subscription service that sends customers a new filter bag every 3 months, which Sleep8 recommends. On top of that, we also created a portal just for distributors to purchase at bulk and track orders.

Sleep8 website on mobile

Educating Sleepers with a How-to Video Series

Health is important to Sleep8 users, so we created a series of how-to videos on taking care of their Sleep8 device. The videos demonstrate proper use and techniques to keep the device working in tip-top shape, guaranteeing users the best results.

Watch the how-to video

Sleep8 on the Shelf

We didn’t stop at creating the packaging for Sleep8, we also created a retail presence for the brand at trade shows, big box stores, and shelf displays.

Tradeshow display
Pop-up display
Shelf display
03The Results

% Increase

Per Order Volume

The brand foundation we built gave our client a strategy that they could use to see exciting growth month-after-month.

% Growth

In Month-to-month Sales

Within the first months of launching the product, orders from resale distributors increased dramatically with each reoccurring order.