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01Our Mission

Patients Pays Off

In an industry where regulations have become complicated, messy and slow, Snapworx debuted a revolutionary software built on artificial intelligence that automates patient management, streamlines compliance, and allows providers to focus on patients rather than paperwork. Its goal is to help providers super-serve patients, so they can enjoy happier lives and providers can enjoy healthier profits.

Our charge was to work alongside Snapworx to develop and launch a brand strategy that could cut through the clutter and stand out in an industry that’s adverse to change and satisfied with the status quo.

02Our Approach

the Industry

We took a non-conventional approach to a B2B marketplace and applied consumer marketing tactics that got the whole industry buzzing. We helped identify Snapworx’s product values by crafting a smart, friendly brand that could easily communicate technology benefits to a non-technical industry. The SNAP product was launched at the industry’s biggest trade show and was received with overwhelming praise.

Launched Industry-Wide Acclaim

Anthem created and implemented the brand across a wide range of deliverables from social ads to sales presentations. Since the launch of SNAP it has become the gold standard for higher profits and better patient care.

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Social campaign image
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03The Results

1 Million +

Patients Served

Within the first year of SNAP’s launch, it has helped more than one million patients get the services and supplies they need to thrive.