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01Our Mission

Earning the Trust

Disney acquired one of the world’s most beloved book series,
The Chronicles of Narnia, to unfold as a film franchise. With such
brand equity came the responsibility to its devout fans. Our
charge was to earn the fans’ trust and transform them into
compelling influencers for the films.

02Our Approach

the People

Engagement with fans was key. We convinced Disney to
create an exclusive trailer as part of a video syndication
platform that we developed. We enlisted over 1,500
influencers and organizations to embed this promotional
trailer on their own websites.

Along with viewing the one-of-a-kind trailer, users could sign
up for more exclusive Narnia content, including our online
contests. More importantly, data collected from the 1,500
separate sites, all funneled into our central database for
future marketing objectives.

03The Results



Within 6 weeks, the exclusive Narnia trailer was
syndicated on more than 1,500 influential
websites and generated over 45 million views.


The video allowed users to
sign up for exclusive Narnia
content and contests. This
data was funneled to our
central database and used in
our lead acquisition strategy.