Why Your Ecommerce Services Deserves Data-Backed Strategy

In many agencies, the prevailing ecommerce services philosophy is to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.

The problem is that you make a mess with the constant implementation of new experiments.

At Anthem Republic, we rely on diligent testing during the planning stage so that we ensure our ecommerce clients’ success at launch. We may test dozens (or even hundreds) of metrics throughout the development process. Whether it’s user flows or programmatic creative, we have plenty of tools in our ecommerce services kit for testing.

Testing User Flows on Your Ecommerce Site

Users don’t always do what you think they’re going to do. The checkout process may seem “obvious” to the client or the agency, but the only opinion that really counts is the user’s opinion. We use software tools, as well as in-person analysis and qualitative focus groups, to observe and validate user flow and behavior.

The testing process may start with identifying a hypothesis regarding why users are experiencing friction during checkout or registration. Our team might begin by asking internal questions:

  • Is the price too high?
  • Are there too many fields for the user to fill out?
  • Is the offer/proposition unclear?

We then take these questions to form a hypothesis. That hypothesis can be leveraged to create an A/B test, in which we develop two versions of a particular experience within the site. (For example, should the user enter credit card information before they enter their shipping information or after?)

We then measure the results of the two groups, applying the results of the A/B test to maximize the user experience. This entire process produces a working site because we allow ourselves the freedom to identify what doesn’t work along the way.

As former Chairman and CEO of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, said, “If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.”

Monitoring User Behavior Every Step of the Way

In addition to A/B testing, we frequently observe visual behaviors through move and scroll heat maps, visitor recordings, conversion funnel recordings, form and field engagement, and drop-off and submission stats.

Scroll & Heatmaps

Testing webpages with heatmaps can have a significant impact on conversion. For example, affecting conversion rates could be as simple as using an image with the subject looking at you or looking at copy.

A relatively minor design choice – which could only be made through the strategic use of heat mapping tools – can have a significant impact on redirecting user attention and conversion.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies & Creative

At Anthem Republic, we believe anything worth marketing is worth marketing strategically with creative that has been tested for success. A/B testing creative is becoming cheaper and easier to do thanks to the robust dynamic and automated tools offered through major advertising platforms like Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads. 

Advanced A/B testing tools allow us to create an unlimited number of ads, tweaking headlines, copy, images, audiences, platforms, etc. Once a piece of creative begins to scale, AI allows us to quickly cut off nonperformers and put more fuel behind high-performing creative.

Surprisingly, “97% of programmatic campaigns lack a targeted creative for each audience segment,” according to AppNexus. Ecommerce brands that harness the power of AI to develop data-backed creative can experience a tremendous advantage in this space.

Applying Data-Driven Ecommerce Strategy to Sleep8

For a recent client example, Anthem Republic performed a revised checkout experience for our client Sleep8. Within a month, the client saw a 68% increase in cart conversion rate resulting in an 80% increase in revenue. Sleep8 also saw a 175% increase in subscriptions and a 100% increase in add-on purchases. 

We applied this same data-driven strategy to prototyping product design, packaging, displays, and other assets for the client. 

Read the Sleep8 Case Study to Learn More About Our Ecommerce Services

Ecommerce UX for medical consumer product
Sleep8 UX Review

A data-driven approach is what allowed us to achieve major success in building Sleep8’s ecommerce website and subscription platform. We applied these strategies in developing a portal for Sleep8’s distributors, a place where users could purchase and track bulk orders. The results of our approach?

  • 400% increase in order volume
  • 71% growth in month-to-month sales

Most importantly, we were able to help Sleep8 better serve the health of millions of Americans who have been prescribed a CPAP machine to help them sleep at night. Learn more when you read the Sleep8 Case Study.

ecommerce UI development
Jami at Anthem Republic evaluating UI for ecommerce services for Sleep8.